Financial Reality Fair

On Wednesday April 27th, Tigers Director of Community Relations and Promotions Dave Schermerhorn and Director of Facilities and Turf Management Bryan Barkley volunteered at the Financial Reality Fair held at Killingly High School. The event was put on by a number of “Connecticut’s Credit Unions” and was aimed at giving high school students the opportunity to gain valuable experience in personal budgeting.

Students from Fitch High School, Tourtellotte Memorial High School, Killingly High School, Great Path Academy, Plainfield High School, and Ellis Technical High School selected a career/profession and were provided a budgeting worksheet that outlined their annual and monthly salary as well as their credit score and financial goal (pay your bills, increase savings, etc.).

Volunteers from local businesses were on hand to staff booths representing different monthly or one-time expenditures the students can expect to have once they enter “the real world”. Some examples included cell phone, clothing, food, housing, utilities, transportation, insurance, and so on. Bryan and Dave were assigned to the Night Life booth. Here, students were given the option of six different “plans”. Each plan increased in cost to reflect increased spending on things like movies, dinners out, casino visits, etc.

As students filled out their budgeting forms, they began to realize how quickly their expenditures added up. Many would have to come back to the table in order to “cut back” on their spending. Financial counselors were available for a “cost” to the student. These counselors would help students find the areas where they were most able to reduce spending in order to meet their financial goals on a monthly basis.

In addition to visiting and selecting an option at each required booth, each student was required to spin the “Wheel of Reality” at least once.

This wheel represents situations that will arise that were not planned for but none the less must be paid for (computer crashes and must be fixed, car breaks down, etc.).

The event was a tremendously informative and hopefully eye-opening way for high school students to learn about budgeting. Bryan and Dave both enjoyed their time volunteering and helping teach a valuable life lesson in the process. The Tigers strive to continue to be a valuable member of the community and we were happy to be a part of this great event!

Here’s an article from The Bulletin about the event:

“Students Get Dose Of Financial Reality” by Emily Groves



Keeping with the theme of financial reality, Minor League Baseball recently sent out a press release outlining the average cost for a family of four to attend a game across all levels.

Average Cost for Family of Four Under $60 for MiLB Game

Providing family friendly, affordable entertainment is what the Connecticut Tigers and Minor League Baseball in general is all about! During difficult economic times, we pride ourselves on offering a budget friendly option to enjoy a night of professional sports and entertainment.

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