It’s a great line isn’t it? Office Space, the cult classic, is probably the most-quoted movie in the American Workplace. There is a great question that gets asked of every staff member throughout the off-season.

What do you guys do during the off-season? From sales to marketing and getting the ballpark ready, there is always plenty to do!

The Tigers’ third season of baseball at Dodd Stadium begins on June 20 but our spring schedule of games began Saturday with a high school baseball game between Saint Bernard and Montville. The action continues today between East Lyme and Woodstock at 4:00 p.m. Our complete schedule of our preseason events and schedule is available at


Our UCONN game ticket information will be available soon and Connecticut Tigers single game tickets in 2012 will be on sale in the next couple of weeks. This is the first of many more posts in 2012. Stay tuned. It’s going to be a fund ride in 2012.


30 former Tigers are now competing in the higher levels of full-season baseball. The complete list is as follows:

AA Erie (1): RHP Robbie Weinhardt (2010)

High ALakeland(10): LHP Sean Teufel (2010), RHP Patrick Cooper (2010), LHP Matt Crouse (2011), RHP Matt Little (2010), C Luis Sanz (2011), IF James Robbins (2010), IFDixonMachado (2010), IF Ryan Soares (2010), OF Tyler Collins (2011).

Low A West Michigan (17): RHP Josue Carreno (2010), RHP Tommy Collier (2011), RHP Wilsen Palacios (2010 and 2011), RHP Brennan Smith (2010 and 2011), RHP Nick Avila (2011), RHP Luis Sanz (2010 and 2011), RHP Michael Torrealba (2010), RHP Tyler White (2010), RHP Ryan Wooley (2011), RHP Daniel Bennett (2011), C Curt Casali (2011), C Patrick Leyland (2011), IF Aaron Westlake (2011), IF Eugenio Suarez (2011), IF Colin Kaline (2011), IF Dean Green (2011), IF Matt Perry (2010 and 2011), OF Chad Wright (2011)

D.L. in West Michigan: RHP Jeff Ferrell (2010 and 2011), RHP Scott Green, RHP Ramon Lebron (2010)

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