“Swinnnnnnnng and a Ground Ball”

Last night’s 1-0 win by the Connecticut Tigers over the Brooklyn Cyclones was indicative of one thing: what can happen when pitchers keep the ball low in the zone. The Tigers starter Hua-Wei Lo pitched six innings and allowed just three hits, while walking three and striking out six. Brooklyn starter Julian Hillario was equally effective, surrendering just six hits and striking out five.

Both sides recorded a lot of outs on ground balls.

9 of the 27 (33%) Brooklyn outs were recorded on ground balls.

11 of the 27 (41%) Connecticut outs came on ground balls.

The recipe made for a quick night at the office (just two hours and seven minutes).

Tonight its game two between the Tigers and Cyclones and the music is already flowing from “The Hole in the Wall Bar” from Happy Hour down the first base line.

Eric Knighton is with me tonight for the pre-game show at 6:50 p.m. on AM 1310 WICH.


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