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Getting Ready

With the countdown to Gates Opening tonight at less than 3 hours, the Front Office is working hard in preparation for Military Appreciation Night.

Signage has gone up on the concourse,

which has been decorated for the night.

C.T. hung his jersey out to dry.

The Field Crew has been working hard in the hot sun all day

preparing the field

and adding some color to the Tigers’ behind the plate logo.

First pitch between the Tigers and ValleyCats is at 7:05.

Fireworks and a comedian will follow the game.

Vermont Series: June 29-July 1

The Tigers completed a 3-game series against Stedler Division rival, Vermont this week.

Photos from the Games:

The bobblehead challenge promotion is taking Dodd Stadium by storm!!

Tigers’ Designated Hitter Dean Green rocked two doubles Thursday night.

The second fireworks show of the season…

…was preceded by standup comedian Roddy Thomas, sponsored by Comix.

The autograph booth has moved to The Tiger’s Den.

There was a Blood Drive throughout the afternoon leading up to first pitch.